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    <br><br>Veretier-2 – a microdistrict in the city of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region. The unofficial name is „Warsaw”, the changed name of Voroshilov Street.<br>Location<br>Located to the west of the city center and the NPO Saturn plant. The microdistrict has a trapezoidal shape. It is bounded by Glebovskaya street in the north-west and Rastorgueva street in the southeast. In the north-east – by 50 Let VLKSM and Babushkina streets. In the south-west the actual border is the Rybinsk-Passenger-Shlyuzovaya railway line.<br><br>It borders on microdistricts Veretie-1, Veretie-3, Shanghai (Veretie-4), Pribrezhny, South-West industrial zone. In the northwest – with the Bubble Field (a promising area for construction).<br>Story<br>The name of the microdistrict comes from the village „Veretie”. There used to be two villages: Veretie and Gladkaya.<br>Building<br>Microdistrict Veretie-2 began to form during the years of mass construction. In the second half of the 1960s, the construction of the microdistrict began with panel houses-Khrushchev series 1-464. Houses of this type are located parallel, at an angle to Street, and are oriented almost ideally along the north-south line. Also, several brick five-story houses of the 1-447 series were built in the south-west of the microdistrict, along the proposed, but never extended, Revolution Avenue. Since 1972, construction has begun with five-story panel houses of a new layout, series 111-121. These houses are located mainly along in three residential groups of 5 houses, forming inner courtyards. Thus, five-story buildings occupy most of the area of ​​the microdistrict. In the east and north, along the perimeter of the residential part of the microdistrict, 9-storey brick and panel houses with improved (1-447С-47) and new layouts (114-85, 121-043) apartments have been built. A peculiar high-rise dominant of the area is a 13-storey brick residential building in the south-west of the at Voroshilov, 1, one of the highest buildings in Rybinsk (along with a 12-storey building on Marshal Zhukov Square). The house was a well-known long-term construction and was commissioned only in the mid-2000s.<br><br>In the Soviet years, it was planned to continue building the area towards the village of Makarovo, but due to a lack of funds, construction was postponed until better times. Until today, one can observe the empty field of Puzyrevo, prepared for building.<br>Infrastructure<br>In the microdistrict there are two schools (No. 27, No. 29), 2 kindergartens. On the northeastern border there is a sports complex „Meteor” with a swimming pool and a stadium.<br><br>Trade is represented by grocery supermarkets of the Druzhba, Mirovoy, and Molodezhny chains. The largest shopping and entertainment center in Rybinsk with the Vikonda hotel is located in the northeast of the microdistrict.<br>Transport<br>Bus and trolleybus traffic goes along Voroshilov and Glebovskaya streets. There are 2 final stops in the microdistrict: in the south – the so-called. „Warsaw Ring”, in the north – near the trolleybus park. Therefore, all city trolleybus routes cover the Veretie-2 microdistrict.<br>Interesting FactsThe only microdistrict Veretie-2 in Rybinsk has 2 at once – Mira and Revolyutsii, along which there is addressing, but the road itself is absent. According to the plan, Revolyutsii Avenue should run parallel to the railway line in the south-west of the microdistrict. In reality, the avenue exists only along the Veretie-3 microdistrict, and it does not extend to Veretie-2. Prospect Mira was supposed to pass in the north-west of the microdistrict from 50 Let VLKSM Street towards the Perebory microdistrict. During the construction of the Vikonda mall, a 4-lane straightening was built along the proposed route of the avenue from 50 years of VLKSM street to the intersection of Babushkina – Glebovskaya – Grazhdanskaya streets.In the depths of the microdistrict there is a piece of the private sector that survived the development and is addressed at the street. Glebovskaya.

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